Spring Clean Up – Do it Now!

With the snow finally gone, it gives most of us great pleasure to swing open the doors and windows and let in the fresh air and sunshine. Spring represents a time for growth, renewal and new beginnings. But before that new growth can occur, we need to rid ourselves of the old. Consequently spring cleaning, both indoors and out, is required.

Canadian Art Prints

Canadian Art Prints

Spring decorating is a great opportunity to freshen up a room with a coat of bright paint, hang some new wallpaper, replace or reupholster that threadbare easy chair: in short – “Get organized!” Part of your “get organized” strategy should include a review of your artwork and a trip to your favourite custom framing store.

Here are some things that you should consider:

Do my valuable works of art have conservation matting, backing and glass?

If your artwork has been framed for more than 20 years, the answer to that question is probably no. Although you may never consider selling your works of art, conservation framing will help ensure that they retain their value and original condition, so it is well worth the extra investment.

There have been huge advancements in picture framing materials, and conservation has been the main focus. Typically, museum quality rag mats

Canadian Art Prints

Canadian Art Prints

have a solid white archival core so if the bevel on the mat of your artwork is off white or discoloured, then the mat may not be acid-free. Also, acid-free mats are typically fade resistant, so if the mat is faded, it is an indication of lesser quality materials.

UV glass, which has a UV film to help prevent fading, is excellent in quality and about the same price as non-glare glass. Unlike non-glare glass, it provides no distortion to the art.


Do I like this piece of art?

Canadian Art Prints

Canadian Art Prints

If you have a framed piece of art that you have grown tired of, consider reusing the frame and glass and replacing the image and matting. You can create a fresh look with substantial savings to your pocket book.


Do I have any artwork that needs glass replacement? Are my frames damaged? Is the colour of the matting looking tired, faded or dated?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then take your art to your favourite custom-framing store. Choose between clear, non-glare or UV and replace that broken or chipped glass.

If you have any damaged picture frames, the whole frame may need to be replaced. Wooden frames dry out over time and become brittle and difficult to pin and glue together.

Canadian Art Prints

Canadian Art Prints

Metal frame construction has changed and your metal frame may have a different joining mechanism than what is currently available. If that is the case, instead of replacing a damaged bar, you may need a new frame.

If the matting needs a lift – replace it. If you are re-matting an inexpensive reproduction you may select paper mats for the cost saving, but otherwise choose acid-free mats.


Do I have anything that needs to be framed?

If you are painting or redecorating, it may be the perfect time to make a family collage, finally frame your travel mementos or select a brand new piece of art. It is always helpful if you can bring some pictures of your space and your decorating samples to assist in the selection of matting and framing materials.

The big advantage of “getting organized” in spring is that when you

Canadian Art Prints

Canadian Art Prints

complete your projects, you can really sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labour in time for those dog days of summer.


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