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What is the Best Artwork for Your Cottage?

Trends indicate that summer homes and cottages are fast becoming one of the most popular real estate investments.  As the babyboomer generation ages, they are looking at cottages as future retirement homes or sound investments.  They also may have inherited the family cottage from aging or deceased parents. Continue reading


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Framing Works of Art on Paper: Why Use Mats?

1920s Collage

Works on paper are the most common popular form of art. These include: reproductions, limited edition prints, watercolours, pastels, acrylics and photographs. Works on paper require specific framing techniques to protect them from the environment and to ensure their longevity.  This article will focus on the purpose of matting and the different types of mats including: mat designs and mat cuts.

Why Use Mats?

Mats have three main purposes:

  1. To prevent the art from touching the frame’s glass. It is important to have an “air space” between the artwork and the glass, otherwise moisture or condensation may build up and cause mildew or foxing to occur. Photos will often stick to the glass if a mat is not used.
  2. For aesthetic purposes.  Mats come in a wide variety of styles, colours and types.  Well-designed mat combinations highlight the artwork and help focus the eye of the viewer on it.
  3. For conservation purposes.  Acid-free materials are used to protect artwork that is irreplaceable, or has a potential monetary or sentimental value. Continue reading

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Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising

Many people are personally involved in fundraising, whether it is for their child’s minor hockey team, the PTA or a place of worship.  Others volunteer for a number of worthy causes: hospitals, the arts, social services agencies, the United Way or a variety of health-related organizations ~ cancer, diabetes, heart & stroke, etc.

Often these volunteer positions require working with staff development officers to raise funds for new equipment, programs, capital spending or operations.  One thing is certain, with government cutbacks and increases in demand for services, fundraising is more competitive then ever.  So the question remains ~ what can I do to generate additional revenue for my charity of choice?

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