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Print, Print or Print? What is a “Print” Anyway?

When purchasing art, the word “print” is often used to describe works on paper.  “Print” is used when referring to posters, fine art reproductions, limited edition reproductions, the giclée printing process, canvas transfers and original prints. This begs the question: what is a print?  If you think that the whole issue is confusing, you are right.  So let’s create some clarity so that you, as a consumer, will be more knowledgeable in your print purchasing.

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Framed Art: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Framed Medals of Honour

With Christmas right around the corner, you may want to consider a framed piece of art for your favourite loved one.  Does your Christmas list include your parents, grandparents, spouse or significant other, children of differing ages, and special friends?

Consider the likes and interests of each person and your budget.  Framed pictures do not need to be expensive, but if you are looking for something very special, the sky is pretty much the limit.

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