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Artwork on Canvas: What is it and How is it Framed?

A tour of any museum or art gallery makes it perfectly obvious that for centuries artists have been painting on canvas, primarily with oils and more recently acrylics. With today’s technology, reproductions are also available on canvas.  This is often confusing and may cause uncertainty about what is actually being purchased and its possible future value.

What is a Canvas Transfer?

Most reproductions can now be put on canvas.  The procedure involves applying a lamination film on the face of the reproduction, stripping the paper off the back and then mounting the image directly onto the canvas.  This technique has many advantages especially with larger reproductions.  Canvas transfers have:

  • A canvas texture
  • No glass
  • No mats
  • An Ultra-violet film which helps prevent fading and has a non-glare image
  • The ability to be wiped down with a damp cloth

The canvas transfer technique is a good option for traditional or contemporary pieces that originally were painted onto canvas because it creates a more “authentic” appearance.

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